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Lance Gooden FEC Documents


Today the Federal Election Commission (FEC) will receive the attached/linked Request for Investigation regarding over $140,000.00 in “Expense Reimbursements” paid in 23 installments to Lance Gooden from his campaign account during 2019. Both the number of transactions and the enormous amount paid are grossly out of line with other congress members. In fact, local congressmen John Ratcliffe and Louie Gohmert have had zero such transactions over the past 3 years.

As I’ve met with voters from District 5 over the past couple of months, I’ve been asked on several occasions to review Mr. Gooden’s campaign filings and pointed directly to the “Expense Reimbursement” payments for particular attention. I promised voters that I would look at the publicly available data. My review led to the same conclusion that the voters had expressed. These transactions appear excessive on their face and warrant scrutiny to ensure they comply with the law.

Pleases review the filing and attachments (all publicly available data) and reach your own conclusions.