The Issues


Fiscal Responsibility:

Our national debt is spiraling out of control and the dysfunctional spending legislation system in Congress is largely to blame. Instead of proposing and debating regular appropriations bills for individual functions/departments of the government, our Congress instead avoids any real debate on spending by waiting to the last minute to dump massive spending bills on its members and allowing no time to read, let alone debate and understand, the bills.  I will push for a return to regular order appropriations legislation and debate on individual bills by function/department so the people can understand how and where their money is being spent.

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans are under attack again.  As a Life Member of the NRA and rated "AQ" (the highest rating available to me), Army veteran, and collector of firearms, I will ALWAYS protect the right of Americans to effective self-defense and to keep and bear arms for that purpose.  I will oppose any "Assault Weapons Ban" and will support national right to carry reciprocity. 

Smaller government

I will fight to return our federal government to its limited role as required by our Constitution. The federal government has grown so broadly beyond its mandated limits that it affects nearly every aspect of our daily lives and business activities. From dictating education curriculum to our local schools to mandating what type of light bulbs we must use in our homes, the federal government has over-stepped its bounds again and again. When analyzing any new piece of legislation, I will start my analysis with the question: "Does the Constitution authorize the federal government to regulate in this area?"

I will also help the President continue his push to limit new regulation and repeal outdated regulations that impose too great a burden on American Citizens and businesses.

Right To Life

I am pro-life and would support federal legislation banning late-term abortion.  Consistent with the Constitution and the platform of the Republican Party of Texas, I would otherwise let each state regulate the issue and prevent the US Congress from attempting to”overrule” any particular state’s laws.

Yes to Capitalism and Free Enterprise, No to Socialism

I am an unapologetic supporter of our free market system and private enterprise.  I will aggressively fight against the push towards socialism in DC. 

Border Security

We must begin with establishing border security, to include a combination of physical barrier, technology, and other methods of preventing illegal entry.  Once the border is secured, we must then establish a regular process for providing for the application, reception and processing of new legal immigration applicants. Only then should we proceed with the process of determining a resolution of the status of those already in the country illegally. 

I do not support legislation to maintain the DACA program.  We are a nation of laws.  DACA continued the pattern of creating incentives for immigrants to illegally enter the Unites States and rewards those who have already done so at the expense of those who have followed the rules. 

High Speed Internet for Rural Areas

Rural communities in Texas underserved when it comes to broadband access to the internet. I will lead efforts to expand broadband internet to rural areas.  It is crucial that these communities have the same access and advantages found in the larger cities in Texas.

Term Limits

I will support a resolution to amend the Constitution to enact term limits for members of the US House of Representatives and Senate as has been previously done for the Presidency.  Senator Ted Cruz has suggested 6 years for the House of Representatives and 12 years for the Senate.  I will support those limits. 

Far too many of our representatives are career politicians who have little or no experience OUTSIDE of government / politics.  Our representatives in DC need to have broad and deep experience in the real world;  military experience is important, business experience is critical, small business ownership experience is a huge plus.  These experiences help the representative understand the impact back home on the law / policy being proposed / debated in DC.  Without these experiences, a representative is flying blind and is more likely to be influenced too heavily by lobbyists and wealthy donors looking for special treatment at the expense of the American people.  While there may be some small benefit for representatives to have previous political experience, that benefit is nothing compared to the benefit of real world experience.